Virtual Field Trips on your iPad with Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions iconGoogle Expeditions are an amazing way to take students to far away places and have them feel like they are really there. When they first launched, Expeditions could be accessed via smartphone and by using Google Cardboard viewers. I kept holding out hope that someday there would be a solution for iPad users, and now there is. Google recently launched Expeditions for iPads, which allows students to take an Expedition just by moving the iPad side to side, up and down, and all around.

How Do Expeditions Work?

The video below shows you how to access, launch, and lead an Expedition from the teacher’s point of view.

If you’d prefer having a document instead of a video, a great resource for using Expeditions on the iPad can be found at According to the author, Michael Fricano II (@EdTechnocation), you are free to download and share the resource he created.

Expeditions are searchable from within the Expeditions app, but it can be overwhelming to scroll through all of the hundreds of available Expeditions and/or search with the right key terms. A neat solution is to search for an Expedition based on location using this world map that can be found on Mr. Caffrey’s blog (which is currently being updated to reflect the newer Expeditions that have been added to the app).

What Do You Think?

How have you used Expeditions in your classroom? What has been the reaction of your students?

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