Annotate Images (and more!) with Skitch

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.41.04 PMMany teachers I’ve talk to consider themselves visual learners. I am no different— I can be told something a hundred times and read written directions just as many, but until I can picture it or see it, I’m not going to internalize what I’ve been taught. Many students are the same way. This is one reason why Skitch is a great (free!) tool to use in the classroom.

Skitch works by allowing a teacher to show his or her students (or parents) how to do something using annotation, shapes, and sketches- making instructions visual. Students can use Skitch, as well, to make annotations on text and for visual presentations.

What Can Skitch Do?

Skitch allows the user to annotate images, PDF files, maps, or screenshots from web browsers.

You can:

  • Link to a web browser to take a screenshot for annotation
  • Capture and annotate an image
  • Annotate an image that is already on the device
  • Annotate a PDF
  • Annotate on a map

Example of an annotated snap of a Web browser

Example of an annotated map

Example of an annotated map

Evernote, which owns Skitch, has a couple of videos that illustrate the process that can be found at: If you are new to Skitch, I recommend you watch the introductory video below.


Any image a user creates in Skitch can be saved directly to the user’s Evernote account or to the camera roll on the iPad.

Common Core Connection

Standard 5 of the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening says, “Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations.” In addition to this specific standard, a section of the CCSS document states that students who are college and career ready in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language are, “familiar with the strengths and limitations of various technological tools and media and can select and use those best suited to their communication goals.” For these reasons, Skitch is a great tool for students to use often to help them communicate their ideas.

What Do You Think?

How have you used Skitch in the classroom?

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